Diamond Beachum, MA, NCC, LPC, Founder of Daisy’s Place


I’ve always shared a genuine passion to help those who may suffer and try to overcome daily obstacles. My passion for helping others strengthened as I realized I was a survivor of the obstacles they face daily. Due to the economic disadvantages living in Newark, NJ I was one who often looked for community resources to help and encourage me to remain focus. Newark, NJ has suffered greatly over the years as I grew into a teenager, for crime rates increased throughout the days. My family focused on keeping my brother as well as myself safe, by nurturing us as well as encouraging us to remain focus in school and in the community. 

My mother was someone who instilled great faith and strong values in the time we shared together. Not only was she my best friend, she’s the reason for me trying to make my dreams come true. January 6, 2006 my mother was murdered by her boyfriend of just a few months. I lost someone who I shared my secrets, my thoughts, my jokes, and a very special bond and relationship to domestic violence. With the help of my family I was pushed and strongly encouraged to finish high school and to obtain admission into college. Each hour that passed felt like a year without her. There was a point where I felt lost, unsure, unworthy, and defeated. 

I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye, but what hurt me the most was that I didn’t recognize the signs of domestic violence within my mother’s relationship. I geared my anger towards educating myself on domestic violence. I was interested in the effects of domestic violence for survivors and their family members. I was interested in the reasons people would want to harm another person just because they’re struggling with verbalizing their feelings. I was interested in every why, every when, and every how aspect of domestic violence. 

I wanted to be a person who made a difference with the knowledge from school and life experiences. I attended William Paterson University and majored in Psychology. After graduating I attended Kean University and focused on Clinical and School Counseling. As time progress I knew that creating a center where people can understand that hope is so much stronger than fear will benefit and impact the lives of many. A center that can help people who are as delicate as daisy, but who have the capability to be stronger than ever. 

As time progress I knew I wanted to make a difference in the community, break down the walls of stereotypes, sexism, hopelessness, as well as fear. I have been filled with many ideas in hopes to bring them to existence. This dream is in need to become my reality!